Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art that employs leverage and an exploitation of anatomy, to subdue and incapacitate an opponent through a variety of pins, holds, chokes and joint locks.


This class is drill and movement-based. If you're new to BJJ or want to focus on its essential movements, come here.


Stress-testing is pivotal to growing your Jiu Jitsu. Learn some techniques, have a friendly roll, profit!

NO-GI Grappling

No-Gi, whilst sharing many principles and concepts with BJJ, is faster, more unpredictable and dynamic.

Also you don't need to spend extra buying a traditional gi! XD

QnA Open mat

If you've never tried BJJ before, this is where you can start! We'll run you through a quick overview of the art, and introduce you to some of its major techniques, positions, philosophies and concepts.

*Suitable for first-timers 13 and up.


Ate too much over the weekend?

Need to unwind?

Want to get your body moving?

Join us for a quick and intense 45 minutes of HIIT!

We'll get you sorted!


Hatha - Beginners

Destress and decompress as you meditate, recenter and refocus. Designed for the blossoming yogi in you.


A flowing, rigorous and challenging movement-based program to get you in the groove. 



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